Apparel photography plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of potential customers and guiding them towards making a purchase decision. The primary goal of apparel photography is to make consumers envision themselves wearing the clothing. When a potential customer sees a photo and thinks “I could see myself wearing that” first. This gets you that initial interest, that first click. What really makes the difference is the next step. Once the consumer takes a look at the different fittings, colors, material descriptions, etc., are they convinced this piece is right for them? 

Selling online and through catalogs is more competitive today than ever before. With our apparel on white photography, we use our extensive experience in the industry to set your new clothing line apart from millions of others. Don’t let your hard work get skipped over. Find how to make your apparel photos pop with us today.

Apparel Photography - Pop Photo Studios
Ghost Mannequin Apparel Photography Service

Ghost Mannequin:

Our ghost mannequin services will show consumers how your apparel looks when worn. More importantly, you’ll give your consumers a sense of what it means to say “I could see myself wearing that.” Fit is a huge factor in every consumer’s purchases, and if the image displays your apparel poorly, doubts over how the clothing would fit will set in quickly.

Strategic Fashion Presentation - Pop Photo Studios

Strategic Fashion Presentation:

Whether it be pleasing fabrics or materials, we will play to your apparel’s strengths. Then, when your apparel is photographed, it’ll really POP on the user’s screen or in their catalog. This pushes more consumers to buy.

Quick apparel photos service turnaround

Quick Service Turnaround:

We understand the urgency of the industry. We’ll have your photos and apparel back to you quickly to ensure you are able to profit quickly from your investment.

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