How Our Product Shoot Pricing & Processing Works!

We have a quick turnaround with an expedited photo editing process. This ensures that once you have a set time to get your products and photos back to you, you can hit your deadlines ahead of time. Our photography work is simple to get started on, while our delivery and pricing process is painless as well.

What is Our Process
For Product Photography?

Our process begins when you start an order with us. Pop Photo Studios emphasizes a quick turnaround on your products with quality, customizable images.



Start A Photo Shoot Order

As you begin your order, we’ll just need basic contact and project information to fill out before your order is submitted. This is to expedite the processing time on our end and give you the highest quality of work.



Ship Your Products For a Photo Shoot

This is a simple route to send over your products to our Fayetteville, AR location. We conduct our photography in a closed studio where your products will be safe from damage. Additionally, we recommend that you send in whichever pieces are your highest quality products.

This means you should avoid sending in products with any dings, dents, scratches, or other damage.




We Begin Photographing Your Products

We will let you know as soon as possible that your products have arrived at our location and that we have begun working. Any questions that arise or further information we’ll need we can quickly acquire from you, and speed up the process to be as painless as possible.




Delivery is Instant Online

We finish off your photo production with a superior quality assurance check, which is intended to maximize your product presentation.

As soon as we have the green light that your photos have been approved, we will carefully send your products back over to you immediately. Shipping fees are minimal and will be included on your invoice for the project.

Product Photo Pricing Overview

The way our pricing works is efficient in maximizing the value you get as a client. This takes into account our editing time, lighting, visual effects, etc. Our pricing begins with:

Per-Photo Pricing: Our per-photo pricing is consistent across all services we offer. This simply means if you have two products you want four photographs of, that will total up to eight photos purchased.

Cost Overall: We find our cost and service to be high value with affordability. The key factor taken into account is the number of photos ordered, since we want to maximize our service. When your order gets larger, you’ll see higher and higher benefits for the overall cost.

How Does Quantity Affect Pricing?: Generally speaking, larger orders minimize cost on your end. Since it becomes far more efficient for us to shoot one larger project instead of several smaller projects, you see the benefit in your bank account. The size of the order is the main determining factor for pricing.

Payment Methods: Before beginning work on your project, we will send you a payment link. This will allow you to accept the quote with simpler accessibility, and access it again at any time. Additionally, we accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Paypal.